About EPNA

The Eken Park Neighborhood Association is an organization made up of neighbors who are determined to make the neighborhood a better place to live for all of Eken Park’s residents. The Neighborhood Association is a place where neighbors can bring ideas for the neighborhood and get help in making them a reality.

The neighborhood association is a democratic organization made of voting members living in the neighborhood. These neighbors vote in monthly meetings, making decisions for how the neighborhood association will function, as well as yearly to elect neighbors to positions of leadership. The neighborhood association also commonly creates committees that function independently to carry out tasks for the neighborhood association.

For more, see the Eken Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws.

EPNA Bylaws
The Neighborhood Association creates committees during the monthly meetings, voting on whether or not the committee should be created and what its primary function should be. These committees then have separate meetings where members of the committee carry out the function of the committee, as determined by the neighborhood association. The committee reports back to the neighborhood association at the associations monthly meetings and continues to work towards their goals until they are accomplished. Sometimes committees have ongoing goals, and may remain a committee indefinitely.
The Eken Park Neighborhood Association leadership team is made up of two co-chairs, a secretary, and a treasurer. Though each has their own specific function, they work to help the entire organization realize its current goals. These positions are elected on a yearly basis during the November meeting.

Neighborhood Association members are allowed to vote in meetings. In order to be a member, you have to join the association and pay yearly dues. Once a member, you can vote during monthly meetings where the association votes on a variety of things, including creating new committees, how to spend association funds, how to advise the city on projects within the neighborhood, to create new goals or missions for the association, to start and end meetings and to approve meeting minutes and agendas, and for the election of association leadership.

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The Eken Park Neighborhood Association works with city employees, elected officials, and members of the neighborhood to positively impact the neighborhood and all those who live in it. Together, the neighborhood association strives to positively impact social, environmental, and economic systems that impact all of the neighborhood’s residents, regardless of their membership status in the neighborhood association.

For more, see the Eken Park Neighborhood Association's Mission Statement.

Mission Statement